SORTmat® - Automated Order Picking System

The affordable Automated Order Execution System

SORTmat® is an innovative order picking and dispatch system, especially designed for the warehousing and distribution sectors.

It is a complete solution (handling, conveying, order picking, labelling, coding, invoicing, packaging, sorting and information control system) which delivers dramatic increase in productivity and accuracy and optimal utilization of existing infrastructure.

It is ideal for:

  • The automation of the order fulfilment operations for wholesalers.
  • Increasing the throughput in automated or semi-automated warehouses.

SORTmat® fulfilment process:

  • Container Infeed: Automatically infeeds the containers into the system
  • Order Picking: They system accommodates both automatic and manual order picking stations
  • Labelling: Each container is labelled with info about the order and customer
  • Invoicing: The invoice for each order is printed in-line and is automatically inserted in the crate
  • Packaging/ Handling: The container is sealed, secured and transported to the sorting area
  • Sorting: The orders are sorted per itinerary and route
  • Conveying: The crates are automatically conveyed throughout the distribution center


  • Productivity increase/ greater daily throughput
  • Easy operation and error minimization
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Optimal utilization of space and available resources
  • Expandability due to modular design (e.g. accommodates extra order picking zones)
  • Quick and easy installation and start-up
  • Typical ROI under 6 months
  • IoT ready

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